Parnell Villa Renovations

Double front villa

Villa Renovations – Parnell Specialist Builder

It is an adventure buying an old villa, but it stops when you find out how much work it needs so it can become livable. This is the moment where you will need to hire a villa renovation specialist that will help you restore it. He perfectly understands what needs to be done and what to avoid, without complicating things and causing even higher expenses. He also has the necessary knowledge and commitment that will guarantee a perfect result.

Restored villa in ParnellAnother great reason why you should hire such a professional is that they have an entire team available that can finish the job quickly (as quickly as a maor house renovation can be finished), without mistakes and within the budget. Trying such a project with the help of your friends, will take you years to finish, that is if no other problems suddenly appear, that will leave the project abandoned. This is a very common problem with renovating old villas as there are so many hidden issues that only come to light during the construction process.

You should also know that hiring a professional builder will assure you that the project will be finished to a professional level, and even though you may think that you have friends that can do the same, nothing compares to a contractor. A pro is hoing their skills every day and can meet time and budget pressure, work to a much higher standard and knows what it tales to work to deadlines. A skilled villa renovation builder will transform a low value house into a luxurious one allowing your house to regain its former beauty and glory.

Another reason for using a specialist villa renovation builder is that they are insured for any damage caused to your house. If you decide to do the job yourself, you will be liable for any damage that may occur while working, thus increasing your costs significantly. A builder will make the necessary repairs without costing you anything.

The final reason for hiring a Parnell villa renovation builder is that his experience has taught him to spot the areas that need repairs. Knowing this will determine how it will affect your home during the rebuild process and what are the necessary works that need to be done, without carrying out any unnecessary work or useless additions.

Even if it is exciting to buy an old villa, do not try to do all the restoration work by yourself, as it is not an easy job to do, and it requires a professional builder. You can easily cause damage to the house, that will end up causing you serious financial loss.

Deciding to hire a builder like Repair & Restore, you can rest assured that your villa will return to its old charm and gorgeous historical atmosphere.

Ellerslie Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents and How They Can Help


What are real estate agents and what exactly do they do? If you’ve ever been involved in purchasing or selling real estate, or even looking around for new property, then you have most likely dealt with a real estate agent. Knowing exactly what real estate agents do however is something that many people simply don’t understand. They think that an agent simply shows people around a house and introduces potential buyers to the home. But good real estate agents do much more than this.

A real estate agent is professional who is specifically trained in helping property buyers meet and communicate with property sellers.

For people and businesses who wish to sell their property, they can provide a real estate agent with property details, keys, and any other necessary information so that the agent is able to show their property to potential buyers without ever having to bother the seller of the property.

On the flip side of the coin, the individual or group that is interested in purchasing the property is able to get all the information needed in order to make a purchase without ever having to bother the seller and working exclusively with the real estate agent.

In a nutshell, the real estate agent acts as a central information hub between the buyer and seller, who provides all of the information needed to make the sale a success and ensure that the buyer is satisfied with their purchase.

Why is this? Normally, real estate agents know their own area better than anyone else. They are able to quickly find quality properties for potential buyers and easily find potential buyers for people who are wanting to sell their property. Not only that, but they also understand exactly how much each type of property is typically selling for in their area and are able to negotiate great deals for both buyers and sellers.

A good real estate agent like Mark Tung, can typically get several thousand dollars more for property sellers. On the other hand, great real estate agents are also able to help potential homebuyers determine exactly what they need. They then provide suggestions and other tips so that they can help them find the best property possible that fits within their budget.

Typically, real estate agents will charge a commission in order to provide their services to both parties. Once a property sells, a real estate agent will charge the seller their commission rate that is then paid by the seller’s lawyer directly to the company that the real estate agent works for.

Normally, these commission rates are calculated as a percentage of the final sales value of the property and it is clearly agreed upon, in a contract, prior to the real estate agent trying to find buyers for the property.

By making property buyers happy as well as getting the most money for property sellers, real estate agents are able to establish themselves with a good reputation and ultimately more business in the future.

The important thing to remember, however, is that if you are looking for a home to buy you need to keep in mind that real estate agents normally work for the seller. With that said, have a little bit of caution if the agent you are working with is trying too hard to make a sale.

Mark Tung real estate agent

Tips On Shopping And Caring For Jewellery

Shopping for jewellery? Not sure what to pick? Well, this article is for you. If you are out in the market trying to find a piece of NZ jewellery for you, your mum, for a friend or for someone you love, here are some tips that will help you in making a selection on what to pick and what’s best.

Diamond ring NZWell, if you are out buying jewellery for someone you value, a friend or someone you treasure, then as a practical tip, ensure you always keep the receipt as it is very difficult to get it right when it comes to jewellery. It is indeed very hard to understand a person’s style and so do not be disappointed if they do not like it. By keeping the receipt, you would have allowed them the chance to take it back and exchange it for something they would wear more.

Quartz, amethyst and several other stones can increase the value attached to a ring, brooch or necklace look lavish and magnificent by bringing a feel of exceptionality and class. These gems with glossy colours look very attractive especially when reflected onto yellow gold backgrounds. The trend has been changing a bit lately with more jewellery designers preferring golden backgrounds with a bit of pink.

If you have an unlimited budget, you can go for larger amounts of beads, chains, fasteners etc You can get a discount if you buy in larger quantities and in the long term you will realise you spend less on jewellery but be careful and make sure you pick includes jewellery that can be incorporated into a larger variety of styles and designs.

Store your jewellery by wrapping each piece in a piece of velvet cloth before putting it into your jewellery box or jewellery case. By doing this, you will protect softer gemstones from getting scratched by the harder gemstones and metals. It also prevents your jewellery from becoming a tangled mess and the velvet will keep them from excess moisture.

If you are shopping for unique pieces, go for complete sets as much as possible if you can find them. This is because, for unique pieces, it is a bit hard to find other pieces that you can use to complement them. Getting yourself a complete set of jewellery will make it easier for you to give them out as gifts one after the other over a long period.

In case you already have quite a large collection of jewellery, take pictures of them, write short messages about each piece and them keep them in your records. This will help you bring back memories later and with the description you will be able to get a new one if it gets lost or is stolen. It is totally worth it.

Ensure you thoroughly clean the gold. As much as gold does not tarnish or rust, it is still necessary to clean it. Avoid using harsh chemicals for cleaning as this is likely to remove any lustre or shine, simply use a soft piece of cloth. Wet it and use it to remove any dirt. For hard to reach areas, you can use a toothbrush with soft bristles. Use it with warm soapy water.

Well, now you have the tips and tricks for shopping. Whether it is a handmade piece of NZ jewellery or an expensive gem, care for it and it will last for years.

For more tips and some fabulous pieces of NZ jewellery, try this website Orsini is based in Auckland but they can ship jewellery anywhere in NZ.

Buy & Sell Agreements

The Importance Of Buy & Sell Agreements For Small Businesses

Commercial lawyer in Albany
Geoff Baxter

For the purposes of this article, picture that you are in a partnership with someone and own a small business together. Your business is all set up legally according to the laws of business, and you and your partner pay taxes; everything is fine, right? Imagine your partner certainly goes through rough personal circumstances, such as getting a divorce or having to declare bankruptcy. What can you expect to happen when it comes to his part of your business? In a divorce, does it end up being given to his ex-wife, or perhaps the children? You have probably have many questions when pondering this scenario. Does this mean that the business is worth less money, or do you simply get to own the whole business now? How is your business protected, and what does this mean for you when these types of situations occur?

This is where the Buy & Sell Agreement stands in to help as sort of a prenuptial agreement of sorts. This type of agreement determines that happens when these unforeseen situations arise, such as the bankruptcy or divorce mentioned earlier, and additionally retirement, death and more. Essentially speaking, it covers all circumstances surrounding an owner leaving a business, whether by force or personal decision. With a Buy & Sell Agreement in place, the choice is made concerning the details of an owner selling his business share during these unforeseen circumstances.

Each Company Needs One

Each and every company out there needs a Buy & Sell Agreement in place. It should be created to fit each business uniquely, as every business has different needs. For instance, a provision can be made for the partner to be able to buy the person out of the business himself when these types of circumstances arise. There can also be a provision made for insurance to pay when something happens or even name a potential buyer.

Business woman and clientAnother important aspect of this type of agreement is that it can prevent partners from selling their business share to people that you wouldn’t agree with. In the instance of a divorce, it could be that the partner’s spouse gets their share of the business, that is unless you have put a Buy & Sell Agreement together beforehand.

These agreements can be helpful when it comes to other types of circumstances as well. For example, imagine your partner decides that he is burned out and wants to sell. The Buy & Sell Agreement can dictate who is eligible to buy the partner’s share, including whether or not you have the option of buying.

You can see now how the Buy & Sell Agreements are vital to the foundation of a business. They should be a part of your original business plan. All types of businesses benefit from these Buy & Sell Agreements, and the benefits mentioned here are just the beginning.

It is imperative that you talk to an experienced business law firm for Buy & Sell Agreements for your own peace of mind. For companies in Albany on Auckland’s North Shore, McVeagh Fleming is among the leading law firms in the area. There is more about them on their website here

Contract Breach Lawyer in Auckland

Explaining a Breach Of Contract

Elyse Moore
Elyse Moore

A contract is a legal document that binds to parties to a legally enforceable agreement. The obligations of each party is laid out in the contract; one party may be committed to paying a certain price and the other to providing a particular service or product. If one party fulfils their legally binding duties even though the other party has been negligent in their commitment, the first party will be entitled to legal relief.

Breach of contract is the term for failure to fulfil the promises or commitments specified in the contract. Contracts can be breached in the following ways:

  • One party does not fulfill their duties as specified in the contract.
  • One party orchestrates an action to make it impossible for the other party to fulfil their duties.
  • One party makes it understood that they do not intend to uphold their side of the contract.

Written Contracts and Oral Contracts

Generally speaking both oral and written forms of contracts are legally enforceable, however it is always a better idea to have the details of the contract printed on paper to settle any disputes that may arise in the future. When it comes time to dispute oral contracts both parties can remember different versions of what was said and understood from the agreement.

Breach of Contract Damages Award

When a contract is breached the party that has fulfilled the terms of the contract is entitled to a number of remedies for the breach of contract. The most common form of remedy provided for the party that fulfilled their duty is awarding damages. This damages award is to compensate the party for any expenses related to the breach of contract. Damages awards may include:

Consequential Damages -This award demands that the breaching party compensate the non-breaching party in the amount they would have gained if the contract had been fulfilled as planned.

Punitive Damages- Courts can force a party to pay an amount as a penalty for breaching the contract.

Liquidated Damages – Both parties agree when the contract is signed that if either party breaches the contract they must pay the non-breaching party a specified amount of money. The details and amounts are agreed upon at the time of the signing.

Nominal Damages – This minimal amount of compensation is granted to the non-breaching party if they win the case but do not financially lose anything.

Breach of Contract Equitable Remedy

In certain claims of breach of contract, damages awards are not applicable by law or are inappropriate in some other way. In these situations, a court may respond by ordering one of the parties to take remedial actions to resolve the dispute. These are called “Equitable Remedies” and can include.

  • Specific Performance – This when the court requires a certain party to perform their duties as outlined in the contract. This is not always afforded by a court.
  • Rescission – This when a court revokes the contract or acts as if it never existed. In this case, neither party will be required to fulfil their required duties. If one of the parties has performed their duties then the court does its best to restore this party to the position they were at before the contract.

Time Limit for Filing a Breach of Contract

The time limit, known as a statute of limitations, varies depending on when the breach occurred but in general must be within six years. This is the time period in which people can file a lawsuit for a breach of contract. If a party hopes to be compensated for a breach and seeks remedy awards they must file their case within this time frame or their case will be dismissed. The statute of limitations varies from state to state.

Breach of Contract Lawyers

Contract law is complicated affair. Consulting a reliable business lawyer can help you to identify the particulars of defining breach of contract and how you can be best prepared for such a situation. Furthermore, a qualified lawyer can help you to look at a contract from a legal perspective help you negotiate the terms and advise you against potential problems. Having a local contract lawyer in Auckland to advise you with the original signing of a contract can provide a measure of security against future disputes.

However, if something does go wrong then you need to meet your lawyer for breaching of a contract to resolve the dispute. In central Auckland, McVeagh Fleming has a large specialist team who can give you some help. Contact them via their website and they will be able to give you definitive advice on your case.

Commercial Stock Footage Licenses

What Can You Do With Commercial Stock Footage Licenses?

Commercial Stock Footage Licenses
Commercial Stock Footage Licenses

If you are keen to use stock photos and videos, then you probably already know that these items do not always come for free. Sometimes, especially when you need something of quality, you need to pay for a commercial stock footage license.

Thankfully, there are many websites out there that specialize in stock footage and pictures, which means that you have a lot of choices, not just in terms of the material you can download, but also their price range.

When you purchase stock footage from stock video sites, you are licensed or have the authority to utilize it for your projects within the ways referred to by each clip’s license. Release status also determines how clips might be used.

Royalty-free clips might be employed for a limitless quantity of projects and mediums, for limitless duration, worldwide. The benefits of royalty-free clips are flexibility and convenience.

Rights-managed video material are licensed to use per project, based on a mix of medium (for example TV program, advertising, or film), usage (for example theatrical or festival uses), scale (region or audience), and duration (for example, twelve months or for the lifetime of the project).

Whenever you buy a license for a rights-managed clip, you might request usage history, permitting you to be sure that your clip has been utilized in an authentic or unique context in comparison to previous usages. Exclusive privileges can also be found, whereby you have the exclusive right to use the material.

Whatever license you prefer, just know that there’s a price for it, but that you always get what you pay for. Obviously, the more exclusive the license, the more expensive the material would be. Just like everything else in life, you only get what you pay for.

As we said earlier, there are many websites where you can buy stock video materials from. For complete licensing information, make sure to read the complete terms of use at stated in a website’s Terms Of Use.

Any commercial stock footage license, whether royalty-free or privileges-handled, also offers a release status, which defines how clips may legally be utilized, according to permissions granted.

Some clips on a website don’t provide model and property releases, or contain identifiable designs, logos, or trademarks. These might be utilized in editorial contexts only, for example documentaries, non-fiction shorts, or news. You can also use them in professional television as well as web-based advertising and marketing work. You can also use them in corporate promotions, video tutorials, video editorials, documentaries, internet sites, games and also mobile programs.

If you are going to use commercial video footage material, you will want to use a website that provides high-quality footage. Remember that these materials cost money, you will want to make sure you are using only material that you can use. Stock Giant is a newcomer to the commercial stock footage market but already they have thousands of video clips to licence.

There are stock footage websites out there that provide free material. Based on our experience, however, the materials found on these so-called free websites are totally bad and totally useless. It’s better to pay for commercial stock footage license, really.